The Warwick ensuite renovation presented an exciting challenge: transform a small, outdated ensuite into a fresh, light-filled space, replete with all necessary amenities, and accomplish it within the existing structure. The catch? Alter the room’s structural layout to expand the entrance and accommodate the new design. This project was not a mere update—it tested our prowess in reinventing a space while respecting its original architecture.

The client’s wish-list included the four main bathroom features: a bath, shower, vanity, and toilet. Ensuring an airy feel while incorporating these into the existing space demanded meticulous planning and innovative design. We focused on arranging these elements to ensure a seamless flow of movement within the space.

The brief also called for a fresh Hampton style with a contemporary twist. We chose a neutral colour palette paired with brushed brass accents, infusing warmth and modern elegance into the room. These design elements merged the traditional Hampton charm with a sleek, contemporary edge, creating a timeless yet progressive space.

A crucial part of the renovation was to enhance the entrance size. Through strategic modifications to the layout, we managed to create a more inviting and spacious entrance, contributing to the room’s overall openness and light-filled ambience.

The project’s triumph wasn’t only in the stunning and functional space we created, but also in our client’s satisfaction. By attentively addressing their needs, employing creative design techniques, and using premium materials, we transformed the outdated ensuite into a bright, fresh space. The blend of comforting Hampton style with modern sophistication was a success, and the brushed brass accents were the cherry on top, giving the room a chic, modern edge.

Our Warwick ensuite renovation stands as proof of Hatch Renovations’ commitment to excellence, underscoring our team’s expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality, customised renovations.