Tuart Hill

Tuart Hill

With the goal to inject vibrancy into the space, we incorporated a striking herringbone feature wall, which not only added a pop of colour, but also served as a captivating visual focal point within the room.

The choice of a terrazzo floor tile perfectly complemented the feature wall, harmonising the overall design and adding a touch of contemporary elegance. A large freestanding bath was strategically placed to stand out against the backdrop of the feature wall, creating a stunning and inviting centrepiece for the room. In our quest for practicality and ease of maintenance, we opted for brushed nickel tapware, ensuring both a sleek appearance and effortless cleaning.

We also recognised the importance of storage in maintaining a clutter-free environment and included additional storage solutions. The addition of a middle power point further contributed to the clutter-free aesthetic, facilitating a seamless and organised bathroom space. Our approach aimed to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, resulting in a bathroom that not only exuded visual charm and elegance but also provided a practical and organised space for everyday use.