In the heart of Leederville, a unique project was undertaken by Hatch Renovations that challenged us to bring forth our full range of expertise. The client’s request was for a bathroom renovation that would integrate a freestanding bath, wet room design, and better storage solutions for the laundry area. The desire was for these two areas to flow seamlessly, thus eliminating the feeling of disjointed spaces.

From the outset, our team understood the requirement for a modern design approach. A decision was made to utilise a neutral colour palette, which is universally appealing and provides the perfect backdrop for the gunmetal accents. These accents added a touch of sophistication and chic, reflecting an elegant style that seamlessly married the bathroom and laundry spaces.

The implementation of the freestanding bath into the design was an exercise in precise planning and execution. A wet room design was chosen to ensure an open and airy feel, while also promoting easier cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, this design decision improved the visual aesthetics by creating a larger-looking space.

In the laundry area, storage was key. By leveraging innovative storage solutions, we created a functional space that reduced clutter and improved organisation. With attention to every detail, including the integration of fixtures and fittings that matched the modern style, the project was brought to life.

This project, completed under the meticulous oversight and unwavering dedication of our team at Hatch Renovations, serves as a striking representation of how contemporary aesthetics can be seamlessly infused into a traditional home. It stands as a testament to our staunch commitment to delivering the highest quality outcomes and our exceptional ability to collaborate effectively with our clients, transforming their abstract visions into tangible realities.