Hatch Renovations had the unique opportunity to realise a client’s dream through the Gwelup bathroom renovation project. The client wished for a modern, functional bathroom featuring a freestanding bath and a wet room concept, all with an industrial edge. With this vision, we crafted a design that fused aesthetics and utility in a seamless manner.

The freestanding bath was the standout feature of the room, serving as a luxurious centrepiece and creating an environment of relaxation and tranquillity. Its minimalist design enhanced the sense of space within the room, making the bath a perfect symbol of indulgence.

Next, we implemented the wet room concept, a contemporary design choice providing a practical, barrier-free shower area. This not only allowed optimal use of the available space but also eased the cleaning process, adding a significant functional advantage to the bathroom.

To amplify the illusion of space, we incorporated a floating vanity that reflected the room’s minimalist ethos. The sleek and clean lines of the vanity heightened the modern feel and blended seamlessly with the overall design, ensuring that functionality didn’t compromise the aesthetics.

The careful selection of design accents was crucial in bringing the industrial edge to life. Bold black accents were strategically used to provide a striking contrast against the room’s neutral background. This contrast added a layer of depth to the aesthetics and resonated with the industrial theme. Additionally, the striking chevron feature tile served as a focal point, enhancing the contemporary vibe of the room.

While the aesthetics were modern and industrial, we never lost sight of functionality. Every element, every choice was driven by the client’s preferences and needs, resulting in a bathroom that wasn’t just stylish but also practical. The Gwelup bathroom renovation showcases Hatch Renovations’ commitment to crafting designs that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations.