Our project began with the removal of a dividing wall between the kitchen and living areas, instantly opening up the space and fostering a more cohesive and inviting environment. Relocating the kitchen to the opposite side of the main living area proved to be a game-changer, allowing us to utilise the space more efficiently and design a larger, more functional kitchen that could accommodate the needs of a bustling household.

To establish an aura of light, brightness, and a fresh feel, we incorporated carefully selected accents of timber, infusing the space with a welcoming touch of natural warmth. To tie these elements together seamlessly, we introduced feature pendants, which not only illuminated the space but also served as eye-catching design focal points, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The introduction of a generously sized communal island bench served as the heart of the room, providing a space for socialising, cooking, and bonding.

Our overarching goal was to curate a living space that harmoniously integrated practicality with an inviting and contemporary design ethos, ensuring that the area served as a hub for both daily living and social gatherings.