The Hatch Renovations project in Doubleview offers an ideal case study in how we marry creativity, functionality, and budget-friendly design to deliver outstanding results. Our brief was to renovate a bathroom with limited space, infusing it with a coastal scheme enriched with pops of colour, while also working within a modest budget.

The client’s vision was a bathroom that felt both inviting and expansive, despite the constraints of the space. Our solution involved maximising the available area and cleverly using features to create the illusion of more room. The design strategy was guided by principles of spatial intelligence. We made careful decisions about the placement and scale of each element, from the bathroom fixtures to the mirror placement, all designed to enhance the perception of a larger space.

Central to the design was a coastal scheme, mirroring the serene ambience of a beachside retreat. The choice of calming hues and natural textures, paired with lively pops of colour, set the tone for a soothing yet energising atmosphere. The selection of fixtures and accessories in the bathroom reflected this theme, conjuring up a refreshing sense of being near the ocean.

A critical aspect of this project was working within a tight budget. We achieved this by maintaining the existing layout, thus minimising the costs associated with major structural changes. Instead, we focused on the finishes–a combination of different textures and materials was used to add visual interest and variety. The mix of finishes—from the shiny gloss of the tiles to the matte surfaces of the fixtures—provided depth and complexity to the overall design.

The Doubleview bathroom renovation is a clear illustration of how Hatch Renovations works with each client’s unique constraints and desires. By maximising space, introducing a delightful coastal scheme, and creatively working with different finishes within a budget-friendly framework, we transformed a simple bathroom into a personal seaside oasis. Through a clever design approach and a strong commitment to client satisfaction, we ensure that each renovation project is not just about upgrading a space, but enhancing a lifestyle.