When we first encountered the space, it was overwhelmingly cluttered and lacked any effective storage solutions, rendering it practically unusable. Hatch Renovations took this as an opportunity to completely revamp the area, infusing it with fresh and vibrant coastal finishes. To add a touch of homeliness, we carefully incorporated soft accent colours, allowing the room to exude a sense of warmth and comfort.

Making the most of the available area, we strategically integrated a full-length benchtop, cleverly concealing an under-bench washer and dryer, effectively optimising the space without compromising on style. Again, recognising the importance of organisation, we introduced a range of storage options, including overhead cupboards, a convenient hanging rail, and a tall broom cupboard, ensuring that every item found its designated place.

Our mission was to create a practical and inviting environment where functionality seamlessly merged with a cheerful ambiance, ultimately providing a well-organised and welcoming space for everyday use.